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H&G Medical Division

H&G Global Supplies is proud to introduce our partnership with LIQUIDTECH, a state-of-the-art Chemical manufacturer plant specializing in safe yet highly effective cleaning and sanitization products.

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Anti-microbial defensive technology

What is Anti-microbial defensive technology? And how does it help to keep your family, students, and employees safe? See the video below to learn more.


Our Products







Pharmaceutical-Grade and FDA registered Sanitizers.

All sanitizers are made from pharmaceutical-grade I3A Isopropyl alcohol and are FDA Registered. This hand sanitizer quickly reduces the number of microbes on hands and contains a natural humectant that leaves your hands feeling moisturized, smooth, and soft and won't dry out your skin with repeated usage. This formula does not contain any potential allergens or irritates. Made in the USA

Covid19 Kits

Protect your family, students, and employees with our Coivd-19 Kits. Kills 99.9% of deadly bacteria, and germs. 

Cleaners & Disinfectents

Our cleaning and disinfecting products are infused with anti-microbial agents that continuously kill 99.9% of all harmful and deadly bacteria and viruses and prevent most viruses and bacteria from growing on almost any surface. Perfect for hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and government agencies.


Sani watches

Introducing Our Brand-New Sani watches. Perfect for Students, Teachers, and Employees. Comes in a variety of diffrent sizes and colors.


Keep your hands safe and sanitized on the go.