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Cracking the Code to Government Contracting

Streamlining your journey from opportunity identification to proposal submission


Win More Business

 Growth Through Proven Strategies

H&G Global helps our clients excel in government contracting. We provide opportunity pipeline management through our clients' customized accounts, assistance with proposal creation and submission, and cultivate strategic partnerships with government buyers and B2B connections. Our goal is to ensure our clients become successful contract winners in the government sector.


Our mission is to guide our clients through each step of the contracting lifecycle, enabling them to seize crucial opportunities. We are committed to transforming their potential into unmatched success, ensuring they not only compete but dominate in the competitive government contracting sphere

About the Company

Our journey began in 2019, born out of a passion to bridge the gap between small, and capable businesses with the vast landscape of government projects. We believe that by fostering these connections, we not only contribute to the growth and success of small businesses but also enrich the fabric of our economy with diversity and innovation.

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Meet the Team

Our team not only helps craft clear, compelling proposals but also connects you with the right partners to strengthen your market position. By working with us, you can expect a smoother process, standout proposals, and a better chance at winning those important contracts.

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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Four Reasons why clients should choose H&G Global Supplies

Integrated Management Solutions

Our services, from identifying opportunities to managing proposals, are centralized within a customized account, making your process seamless and fully transparent.

Deep Market Insight

We leverage AI technology and integrations to provide our clients with just-in-time information and key insights, including customer visions and motivators. This advanced approach helps us create tailored, customer-focused proposals, increasing the likelihood of success by aligning closely with customer needs and expectations.

Comprehensive Support

We offer end-to-end support from the initial review to the final submission, including a comprehensive checklist and tailored content development to ensure every proposal is of the highest quality.

Strategic Partnerships and Network Building

We proactively connect you with strategic partners and federal small business specialists, enhancing your industry positioning and increasing your competitive edge.


 Our Services

Our services are designed for small and minority-owned businesses that are tackling the challenge of securing government contracts. We simplify the bidding process by identifying the right RFPs and RFQs for you, making sure everything meets strict submission guidelines, and offering insights to align your proposals perfectly with agency goals. 

Opportunity Pipeline Management

Targets the challenge of identifying strategic RFPs and RFQs, streamlining the identification process to focus on the most promising opportunities, thereby increasing the likelihood of submission success.

Business Development

This role helps firms establish crucial government contacts by creating tailored market lists and facilitating relationship building, enhancing network expansion and partnership potential essential for long-term success.


This service addresses the complexities of drafting compliant and competitive proposals by providing structured management, including outline creation and SWOT analysis. This leads to clearer and more compelling proposals that boost the chance of winning bids.

Professional Capability Statements

This service aids enterprises in articulating a compelling value proposition to government agencies through well-crafted documents that showcase strengths. It includes conducting in-depth consulting sessions to identify key NAICS codes and core capabilities and writing up past performance and capabilities narratives, thereby improving marketability and aiding successful contract pursuits.

GovPursuit Starters Package

This package provides businesses new to government contracting with the tools they need to start strong. It includes in-depth reviews of their services, potential agency targets, and competition, plus actionable insights from a SWOT analysis. Clients also receive a customized capability statement and a tailored proposal template along with a landing page designed for government contracting. This setup helps firms clearly understand their market position and prepares them to compete for contracts effectively.

Get Started on Your Path to Success

Contact us today to explore how we can help streamline your bid process and secure your next government contract. Schedule your first 15-minute free consultation now and take the first step towards expanding your business opportunities."

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